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OneCard is a customized shopping cart that makes it easy for you to sell both physical and virtual gift cards online. It’s the perfect way to increase your gift card sales and bring more customers to your establishment.

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Why sell gift cards online with OneCard?

Just like physical gift card sales, online gift cards sales are rising rapidly. It’s a win-win way for you to generate more money online for your business.

A Gift Card Shopping Cart Page Modeled After Your Own Website!

Our design team will build a gift card shopping cart that matches your brand.

Your customers can visit your website, order gift cards, and ship to one or multiple locations in minutes.

Ship Personalized Physical and Virtual Gift Cards!

Your customers can order personalized physical or virtual gift cards, and the best part? We handle all the legwork when it comes to ordering and delivery for you!

That way, you can sell gift cards online without any work or hassle on your end.

Increase Your Sales, Revenue & Customer Base!

Often, gift cards are for people who have never been to your establishment, so you get paid to introduce new customers to your establishment by your best patrons, and they can do it online from their home or mobile device any time.


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3 Simple Steps to Online Gift Card Sales

Getting started with OneCard is easy. Just follow these three simple steps, and you’ll be generating money online in no time!

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OneCard Success Stories

Edible Beats

Edible Beats is a group of 6 restaurants in Denver that sells over $250,000 dollars a year ...

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